The Applicant's Steps at the Beginning

The Applicant's Steps at the Beginning of Activities on
Assurance of Conformity and Certification of Products
in Russia , in Ukraine and in Europe (Advice for an Applicant)

Let's consider the Applicant's sequence of activities for the purpose of its products certification procedure in Russia and Ukraine . At that by a word certification, we mean obtaining all certificates and required licensing documents. As a whole, our tips are one-type for certification of products made, for example, from Europe (or in other countries), in Russia , and in Ukraine.

At certification of Products in Russia and Ukraine
it is Necessary to Carry out Sequentially the Following Steps:

  1. Get determined with the list of products you intend to certificate. Get determined whether you intend to certificate batch production or a lot of products. Give a legible title for products indicating the CUSTOMS CODE. Whenever possible systematize products on groups taking into account products types, models, and modifications. It might be more reasonable to give the list of products in the form of a table so that to use it as the Appendix to the Application. Then imagine how you would like to present your List of Products in Russian and English certificates. Indicate, as far as possible, the typical products representative for each group.
  2. Determine where to carry out the certification procedure: in Russia ; in Ukraine ; or both in Russia and in Ukraine.
  3. Define through our SITE the list of the necessary licensing documents for your products in Russia: certification in the GOST R System; License for products use (application) from Department of Technical Supervision in Russia, sanitary-and-epidemiological certificate from the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation; fire safety certificate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs; certificate of the Federal Agency on Construction and Housing&Communal Services of Russian Federation.
  4. Define through our web SITE the list of the necessary licensing documents for your products in Ukraine: certification in the UkrSERPO System; License for products use (application) from the State Department on Supervision of Labor Protection of Ukraine; Hygienic (sanitary-and- epidemiologic from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; certificate of the state expertise on energy-savings.
  5. Define the model of batch production certification. The period of certificate validity and certification procedure cost depend on the certification model. You are free to choose a few models of certification for its further agreement with the Certification Body (CB) and price bid. For more details see: models in Russia; models in Ukraine.
  6. Look for the Certification Body that has your products in its sphere of accreditation to get the certificate of conformity. You will also need to find organizations for carrying out of technical regulation required for your products.
  7. Fill in the Application for products certification procedures. Works on products certification and other documents on technical regulation are carried out on the basis of Applications from a manufacturer or seller. The Application is submitted to the CB or authorized bodies by a manufacturer or its authorized representative. The Application Forms for products certification are standardized. However, specified Application Forms for different products types are offered by different bodies. The example of Application for product certification given in the CB in Russia is given here; in Ukraine here.
  8. The normative and technical documentation is attached to the Application for certification in accordance with the given generalized list (Russia, Ukraine). On the typical product representative (see item 1) collect the set of documents for products according to the list. Form the dossier for each product type in accordance with the list of documents submitted to the CB and other Licensing authorities. Take into account that some documents have to be presented in Russian or Ukrainian (first of all these are passport, manual on mounting and exploitation). The concrete list for your products can be deported by us in your address in case you entrust us to do the job.
  9. Consult (verbally or with the help of e-mail) with the CB and other organizations. Negotiate the agreements on all required procedures.
  10. You are welcome to use our SITE to acquaint with the systems of technical regulation and certification acting in Russia and Ukraine. The information from our SITE will help you to make all the listed above steps.
  11. 11. All listed procedures we are here to carry out for you. You are welcome to ask us for help. Then we ask you to fill in the Application for works on certification in Russian and Ukraine in the РЎERT - CENTRE group. You can also entrust the work to us. In this case you will get corresponding Letter of Attorney to be registered officially (specified Letter of Attorney is sent after getting your Application).

Certificates of origin (given by Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the producing country) and certificate of measurement instrumentation conformity (given by Metrology Departments of the State Standard) are not included in the sphere of our activity. Currently we are not dealt with medicine and foodstuffs either. We are more oriented into batch production of technical profile and industrial use.