"Hygienic certificate"

Sanitary-and-Epidemiologic Certificate of the Ministry of Health (MH)

In accordance with a decision of sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise of 28.12.2005 №05.03.02-03/61000 there was accepted the List of objects for external economic activity complied with CUSTOMS CODE, and also objects subjected to the state sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise on the stage of their legal registration in Ukraine (medical equipment, articles of medical application, pesticides, agrochemicals, etc.). Products indicated in this List can be imported and used in Ukraine without sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise. The List is given here.

The products not included into the List have to be subjected to sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise. These products have to get a decision of sanitary-and-epidemiological expertise of MH. The decision is made on the basis of control concerning products samples conformity to requirements of sanitary regulations and norms. The control is carried out at authorized enterprises of the MH (territorial sanitary-and-epidemiological services) and drawn up in the form of protocols. To carry out control it is necessary to submit technical documentation referring to sanitary-and-epidemiological products factors in Ukrainian/Russian (paint's peculiarities, factors of noise, vibration, illumination; parameters of water and other factors after their contact with products, etc.)

In case of sanitary-and-epidemiologic expertise for products of foreign manufacture, the Applicant or authorized entity submits the Application of fixed form into the MH. The decision on authorized subdivision of the MH (territorial sanitary-and-epidemiologic service) in charge of the expertise is made up by the chief public sanitary inspector or his/her representative.

The further current sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision for objects managing on the territory of Ukraine is carried out in accordance with effective sanitary regulations and norms.

In addition to the List of objects for external economic activity without sanitary-and-epidemiologic expertise the products indicated in lisst can be imported into Ukraine.