Let's Overcome Technical Barriers Together!

The CERT-CENTRE group is an association of professionals in the sphere of products and quality management system certification from European Union, Ukraine and Russia . Technical regulation when launching commodities in different parts of a new Europe has essential distinctions. Our cumulative experience allows us to render significant assistance in overcoming technical barriers for your commodities.

By the term "technical regulation" we mean the whole complex of issues on legalization of products import and application on the territory of European Union , Ukraine , and Russia that are regulated by legislative base of these regions. The following issues are covered in corresponding topics of this site: legislative requirements acting on the mentioned territories, all the certification procedures for concrete products, licenses for application and exploitation, licenses, certificates from special institutions, etc. required on the concrete territories. Instead of a term "technical regulation" we further use the term of "certification" for different certification and licensing systems (licensing) when products are certified in Europe, Ukraine and Russia .

The site is designed for a wide range of people faced with the problem of necessary certification (either obligatory or voluntary) for products manufactured in the country or exported in the other countries with other certification rules, first of all when products are certified in European Union, Ukraine, and Russia. Here you find all the necessary and sufficient information concerning certification problems in European Union, Ukraine and Russia .

In corresponding site topics the following questions are considered.

  1. Certification in Europe. Information for products manufacturers and suppliers from the former Soviet Union space into European Union (the information is in Russian).
  2. Certification in Russia and certification in Ukraine. Information for products manufacturers and suppliers in Russia and Ukraine. General information from this web-site is available in Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Chinese. Information in detail and reference documents are given in Russian-English variant. Some application forms for licensing authorities are given just in Ukrainian and Russian.
  3. The Applicant's Steps at the Beginning of Activities on Assurance of Conformity and Certification of Products in Russia and Ukraine.
  4. Services
  5. Contact information

You are welcome to get the full service on the problem of industrial products certification in Ukraine and industrial products certification in Russia . We are here to offer you professional consulting assistance on all mentioned issues. You will have to send us an Application for products certification in Russian and Ukraine in the РЎERT-CENTRE group. We can also come out on your behalf on all the questions concerning batch production technical regulation. In this case you will get corresponding Letter of Attorney to be registered officially (specified Letter of Attorney is sent after receiving your Application).

You are also welcome to get consulting service on industrial products certification in European Union. You will need to send us an CE-Application for products certification in European Union in the CERT-CENTRE group.

You may negotiate a contract (agreement) with one of our companies in Europe or Ukraine. The terms for work are up to two months. The cost and terms are determined after clarifying your order .

You are welcome to attend standing trainings (courses start as soon as groups are completed):

Training on "Certification in Europe"
Training on "Certification in Russia and Ukraine"

You are welcome to ask us questions on our SITE - the contact information is given here.

We are planning to expand the geography of our site attracting specialists for cooperation from other former Soviet Union countries that have their own requirements for technical regulation and production certification questions. We invite for cooperation all interested people, organizations, and certification bodies from all over the world.

We guarantee the reliability of results, professionalism, and complete confidentiality.

The information is collected and systematized by professionals in the sphere of certification. We hope, that our practical experience will allow you to achieve expected results and your products to overcome technical barriers and borders that still divide us.

Let's overcome technical barriers together!