Fire Safety Certificate.

Fire Safety Certificate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Fire Certificate)

The fire certificate (Fire Safety Certificate) is a document certified that the products are complied with preventive fire-fighting regulations.

One can get the fire certificate in bodies related to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In Moscow there are only a few bodies issued fire certificates.

The central body for the fire certification system is located in Balashikha Research Institute of Fire Prevention.

The list of products subjected to obligatory certification in the sphere of fire safety is developed by the Ministry of Emergencies (ME) (the ME Order N 320 of 08.07.2002 120 KB or archive.zip 13 KB).

It should be noticed that the cost for fire safety certificate is quite significant and depends on the products, their nomenclature, and, correspondently, tests content. As for the terms, they are big because of tests procedures, from one to three months. Concrete terms and prices depend on each specific product.

The voluntary certification procedures in the Fire Safety System are the same. Admittedly, here one can draw up an abandoned letter significantly faster and cheaper. The letters are registered in the same certification bodies. The requirements towards the documents content are the same as for the GOST R System. The idea of the abandoned letters consists in conformation of the fact that fire certification is not required for the products mentioned in the letter.

To start certification procedure in the Fire Safety System in Russia , the manufacturer or authorized body (any institution of the CERT-CENTER group can be one of it) submits an application (application-declaration) for products certification into the Certification Body (CB). Each CB has its own application form. But in general the application content is standardized and corresponds to the one given here.

The list of documents necessary for fire certification (import manufacturer) is given here.